Clothing Shirt


When it comes to men’s shirts…
Don’t spend any more of your money on cheap fabrics, poor fitting, department store bought shirts any longer. Regardless of your size or shape a Kash Ross custom shirt will fit heavenly. A tailored shirts collar, cuffs, arms and other details are sized just for you. However, don’t be afraid of making a mistake because the guiding eye of Kash Ross will review all of the details. It truly is amazing how a perfect fitting shirt with your favorite color, collar, and buttons, that you design will boost your attitude. Every time you slip into your wrinkle free dress shirts, you will be ready for the workday or night play.
We are different here at Ross’s. We do have the usual sales fair of other tailor web sites. But we want you to have a perfect fit, not only for your body but also your attitude. That is why we include custom shirt tips in the Shirts 101 page. And the Measuring Guides will walk you though how to measure yourself as if Kash Ross where right there.

Above pricing does not include shipping and Handling.