Clothing Slacks


Trousers, Dress Pants, Slacks Or whatever you call them you need at least three pairs in your wardrobe. Pants constructed by Kash Ross custom tailors will be the best fit of your life. After getting your precise measurements Kash uses his knowledge of fine menswear to ensure a great fit, with enough slack in all the right places and subtle tweaks that are one of a kind to your body. In the slacks area of our site you will find tips like how a light tropical wool for the summer days and a cozy flannel for the winter are a must. And that corduroy will get you through the casual fridays without sacrificing your style. One of our associates can give you get a step by step breakdown of how Kash Ross custom slacks are made and why they are a cut above the rest. When browsing through our swatches, you’ll have the choice of our best fabrics from affordable to luxurious. Finally, in the styles area we will display artist flat renderings of the numerous cuts available. At any time feel free to contact Kash with any questions, the more you know about how to choose fine fitting slacks, the better you will appreciate your new Kash Ross custom clothing.