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Kash Ross Creations tailors custom women’s clothing ranging from jackets, blazers, and coats to skirts, pants, trousers, blouses and dresses. All garments are hand cut and sewn by expert Chinese tailors. We also tailor skirt and pant suits with Italian interlinings and silk satin linings. All suit jackets are hand basted and finished with exquisite linings, personal monogramming, saddle stitching, and double internal reverse stitching.
We offer fabrics which span a wide range of textures such as cashmere, merino wool, super wools, twills, gabardines, linens, Chinese silk, Thai silk, Oxford cottons and Egyptian cottons from prominently selected countries around the world. We are also capable of sourcing any particular fabric, colour or design and pattern which is currently unavailable in stock upon client request.


  • Every Kash Ross Creations suit is individually hand-cut with paper patterns based on 35 of your exact measurements and your style preferences. We value the art of cutting precisely to your unique size.
  • All button holes are hand-sewn with the finest silk thread – a keynote of quality workmanship.
  • All jackets and skirts are fully lined with the highest quality fabrics, slacks are lined when appropriate, and all seams are reinforced for maximum durability.
  • Suits range from the classic single breasted and vented jackets matched with double pleated cuffed pants to tailored double breasted with side vents and non pleated trousers.
  • Plain front, flared pants, multi pleated trousers, cigarette pants, straight cuts, low waist pants, hipsters etc are some of the most popular styles for women’s pants. All our trousers are fully lined to the cuff with luxurious satin silk.
  • Upon completion, each suit is carefully checked by our master tailors, to maintain our high standards. By saving your unique patterns, if you haven’t changed sizes, your future custom shirt or suit order is merely a call or email away.

Above pricing does not include shipping and Handling.